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Why You Need A Stand-Alone Treatment™
March 25, 2021
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Why You Need A Stand-Alone Treatment™

Salons worldwide are finally reopening, which means it’s time for you to book your Stand-Alone Treatment™. Remember, all hair benefits from being healthier, and whether or not you’ve treated it at home, a salon-grade bond-building upheaval is just the prescription to get your hair out of its COVID quarantine. Some manes may require more Stand-Alone Treatments™ than others; here’s a guide for how often you should treat your hair with OLAPLEX in the salon:

Virgin or untreated treated hair 

Damage still occurs daily to virgin or untreated hair via thermal, mechanical, or environmental damage. You may toss and turn your head on a pillow at night, brush tangles out of your hair, or use heat tools like a blow dryer, flat iron, or curling wand. These elements cause distress to the hair, making even the most effortless of manes ones that need help in the health department. Maintain your hair once-monthly with in-salon Stand-Alone Treatments™. You don’t have to color your hair to reap the benefits of OLAPLEX! 

Chemically treated hair

This hair type requires more love than untreated hair. Being that it’s chemically treated, it also experiences at least one of the three types of damage mentioned above. Enduring chemical treatments while also exposed to the elements means chemically treated hair could benefit from in-salon Stand-Alone Treatments™ twice monthly for optimum maintenance. 

Highly compromised hair

When your hair is pushed too far with both thermal and chemical damage, there’s no better way to rebuild it than with regular Stand-Alone Treatments™. We advise treating it as often as you’re able to! A once-weekly treatment to those with highly compromised hair, besides avoiding thermal styling when possible. Best practices will lessen any further damage to your hair!

Locate a hair professional by you that uses OLAPLEX via our locator on to book your next Stand-Alone Treatment™! 

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