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Which Salon Tool Belongs To Your Zodiac Sign?
March 14, 2021

Which Salon Tool Belongs To Your Zodiac Sign?

Flat irons and Barbicide — can you guess which zodiac signs these two would be? Give us any chance to bring the astrological signs into our world, and we’ll take it. This one goes out to the inanimate objects any salon goer, or hair professional will know! From scissors, mirrors, and everything in between — we matched these essentials to their zodiac counterpart and might have nailed it! 

Here are our salon picks for the zodiacs:


Color brush

For all their color changes, a color brush is ideal for Aries’ ambitious nature!



Taurus is easygoing. Their perfect match is the brush and the ability to lull any head of hair into relaxation. 



Geminis are all about the look, and it’s no wonder they have a mirror to check themselves. They may also have a mirror handy for their notorious bang trimming! 



Cancers are protectors, so their salon mate is a robe to help keep clients protected from chemicals and cut hair during their appointments.  


Blow dryer

No lion’s mane is complete without the perfect blowout or diffusing! Leo’s match is the blow dryer to ensure their hair is always on point!



Dear Virgo, we know you like to keep things clean. Barbicide disinfectant, present at every station, is your match to keep things impeccably sanitized, how you like it. 



The most balanced of them all is libra, which makes the scale their salon equivalent. Libra is there to ensure everything is fair and steady. 



For our fierce and illusive Scorpios, the scissors are them 100%. They love the edgy side of life, and there’s nothing more fitting than a sharp pair of shears! 


Hot rollers

We all know you go above and beyond, Sag. You are always the best dressed in the room, so you are the hot rollers because you love a bit of glam the old-fashioned way. 


Flat Iron

If you guessed Capricorns for flat irons, in the beginning, you nailed it! Capricorns love their flat irons and a sleek look (usually on their perfect bobs)!


Curling wand 

For mermaid waves, we look to non-other than Aquarius to take the wand! They love a wave in their hair, so a curler is their salon BFF to get them there.


Shampoo bowl

Pisces love all things water and calming. For them, the shampoo bowl is their meditative space for all things water and maybe a scalp massage or two. 

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