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What Hairdo Suits Your Zodiac Personality Best?
January 18, 2021

What Hairdo Suits Your Zodiac Personality Best?

Whether or not you believe in astrology, there are certain traits within your zodiac sign that you can’t fight. We’re all about healthy hair here at OLAPLEX, so we’ve compiled a list of the twelve zodiac signs and their best hair moments. These are all based on each sign’s major traits. Have fun finding your match and dare for a fresh look this year!

Photo: @kimmydoeshair

Aries: Mullet

Aries, you’re a wild one. As a fire sign, you’re confident and determined enough to rock any look. You have what it takes to sport a modern rock-and-roll mullet. Treat your hair with OLAPLEX N°.0 and N°.3 to keep your hair healthy in between salon visits!

Photo: @Jada_adaj

Taurus: Natural hair

As a Taurus and earth sign, you are practical, stable, and a creature of comfort. A natural look is an ideal style to keep you feeling true to yourself. For our naturally curly Taurus fam, use OLAPLEX N°.6 and OLAPLEX N°.7 to repair and elevate your curls!

Photo: @jessicapowerspaints

Gemini: Fashion Colors

Gemini, you are the twin of the zodiac family. You are warm-hearted and outgoing, adaptable, impulsive, and indecisive as an air sign with two people in one. You are the type that can’t stick to just one style or color, so we deem you the leader of fashion colors to play and change your hair whenever you want! Remember to have your colorist use OLAPLEX N°.1 and OLAPLEX N°.2 within the color process to keep your color lasting longer and healthy!

Photo: Nubia Bonilla @lovehairbynubia

Cancer: Mermaid braids

You’re a water sign that is sensitive, compassionate, a homebody, and nurturing. Cancer, you desire something easy that you can wear all day. Mermaid braids are a great low maintenance look that shows off your water sign roots, with the ease of a low maintenance style that you can wear for days! If frizz is an issue on day two, touch up your hair with OLAPLEX N°.6 to tame the frizz for up to 72 hours!

Photo: Laura Christopher @laurachristopherhairartist

Leos: Big Hair

Leo, think lion’s mane for your ultimate look. You are a fire sign that is creative, passionate, and very confident. ‘Big hair, don’t care’ is your ultimate look. Keep OLAPLEX N°.7 handy to ensure your gorgeous long mane is always shiny, healthy, and protected!

Photo: @maddiemarissa

Virgo: Sleek and straight

The mother of the Earth signs, Virgo, you are a perfectionist. You are intelligent, organized, highly motivated, and everything is always in order. The perfect look for you is a polished, sleek, and straight style. Think Cher or Kim Kardashian. You are the type who goes all the way for perfection, so we recommend the entire OLAPLEX at-home system to keep your locks healthy and on-point always!

Photo: Laquita Burnett @hairbylaquitaburnett  

Libra: Curls

Libra, you’re the most balanced of them all. As an air sign, you’re sweet, diplomatic, fair, and social. Your ruler planet, Venus, has you on the feminine side. Rock a head of gorgeous bouncy curls to embrace all of those qualities. Remember, OLAPLEX N°.6 and OLAPLEX N°.7 will reduce frizz in curls and keep them hydrated for days!

Photo: Shane Cudal @exurbiasalon

Scorpio: Jet black, or an Edgy Red

Oh, Scorpio, we know you love an edgy look. Jet black or even a half and half black and red will show off your wild side. You’re a water sign; determined, brave, secretive, intense, and imaginative. As with any bold color, ensure your colorist uses OLAPLEX N°.1 and OLAPLEX N°.2 within your color process for the ultimate edge in healthy hair.

Photo: Model Terell Spence, Stylist Mirko Vergani

Sagittarius: Mohawk

Sagittarius, you’re a free-spirited, bold, spontaneous, social, fun fire sign. You’re independent and strong-willed, which means you can rock the most daring of looks. You can rock a mohawk like no one else, with confidence to boot. If there’s anything you love, it’s a statement.

Photo: Maguy Rosen @themaneartistry

Capricorn: Bob

Capricorn, you’re all about something low maintenance. Always on the go, a workaholic, some might say. You’re an earth sign that is realistic, ambitious, persistent, practical, and reliable. Because you are such a go-getter in your career, you don’t have time to visit the salon that often. A bob or lob is the perfect look for you. Upkeep with minimal effort using OLAPLEX N°.6 and OLAPLEX N°.7 to increase manageability, health, help with frizz, and shine.

Photo: Lizette Horning @stylebylizette

Aquarius: Blue Hair

It’s the age of Aquarius, after all. You’re an air sign that is idealistic, unique, progressive, and independent. You can be a bit temperamental. As an assertive sign, you know what you want. Aquamarine, amethyst, blue, cool hair show you most.

Photo: @jessicapowerspaints

Pisces: Beach Waves

Pisces, you love everything water! You are a water sign who is emotional, compassionate, intuitive, and very trusting. A beach wave is your go-to to keep the water and sand close at all times. When styling, use OLAPLEX N°.7 to protect against heat and UV rays!

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