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Free shipping & sample with every order

Unfiltered, Unedited, Unapologetic
December 22, 2020
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Unfiltered, Unedited, Unapologetic

Gone are the days of hiding your hair because of damage. For clients, this may mean a scarf, a hat, or styles that conceal broken hair. For stylists, this might look like filters or specific lighting on photos of their work. With OLAPLEX, damage has met its match, and hair has the opportunity to reach its full potential. OLAPLEX hair is unedited, unfiltered, and unapologetic.

When hair is healthy, it needs very little to look fabulous. Rather than an arsenal of fixer-upper products that provide only external solutions, we believe in working from the inside out. When OLAPLEX repairs hair, it tackles the internal structure. There is nothing surface about the way OLAPLEX works. Like any change, one from within is lasting, which is what we strive for when OLAPLEX repairs any hair type.

By rebuilding the broken disulfide bonds in the hair, OLAPLEX creates new, healthy bonds. The results are permanent until the bonds break again. In laymen’s terms, this means a bond that OLAPLEX relinks will remain that way until you damage it again, say chemically or thermally. Amongst the other ways a person can damage their hair, such as environmentally and mechanically, OLAPLEX grants all hair the promise of integrity and health with every treatment.

When we see stylists and clients post their results with OLAPLEX on social media, we witness raw, unfiltered examples of how OLAPLEX eradicates damage and helps people feel themselves unapologetically. We want every OLAPLEX user to feel the confidence their hair brings them. When hair is healthy from the inside out, people go from hiding their hair to becoming an unedited version of themselves. We are grateful to have fostered a community of healthy hair lovers who can’t help but show off their healthy manes.

Look, we know the feeling of having split ends and broken hair; we’ve all been there pre-OLAPLEX. We are committed to a community of people who are embracing what it means to be themselves again. Hair is the catalyst to many personal growth transformations. We love a knockout transformation as much as the next person, but sometimes the most significant change is the one we make inwards. Watching people embrace how it feels to feel comfortable in their skin is what it means to us when we say we are unapologetically us.

With the new year drawing near the horizon, we see an opportunity to help as many people as possible to embrace their hair and live their best lives: no edits, no filters, no hiding. Tag us at #Bondshell to show off your unedited photos!

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