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October 31, 2021


Tis the spooky season of scary stories, myths, and legends. We've heard our fair share of ghoulish OLAPLEX tales, and on this Hallow's Eve, we've come to set the record straight with a bit of trick or treat. We're debunking OLAPLEX myths and telling you the truth about liquid gold!



OLAPLEX Nº.5, Nº.8, and 4-IN-1 are all the same conditioning treatments. 


TRICK. Though they all moisturize, their functionality is unique. Nº.5 is a conditioner that increases manageability and conditions for hair washing days while rebuilding bonds. Nº.8 is a moisturizing treatment formulated for at-home use that rebuilds bonds simultaneously while adding 2x shine. 4-IN-1 is a professional grade conditioning treatment that intensely hydrates the hair and rebuilds bonds, available only in salons. 


OLAPLEX Nº.3 is a conditioner.


TRICK. While many of our products now condition and moisturize, our original core family of OLAPLEX Nº.1, Nº.2, Nº.3, and now Nº.0 do not. OLAPLEX invented the bond building category and revolutionized the hair industry with Nº.1, Nº.2, and Nº.3. The three rebuild bonds making the hair healthier again. Our other products, Nº.4, Nº.5, Nº.6, Nº.7, Nº.8, and 4-IN-1 rebuild bonds and moisturize simultaneously.



OLAPLEX is a protein.



TRICK. OLAPLEX is not a protein. OLAPLEX rebuilds broken disulfide bonds in the hair to create stronger, healthy bonds. Hair is made out of a protein called keratin. What a protein treatment does is provide structure to the hair. If your hair is feeling gummy, it's time for a protein treatment. Unlike OLAPLEX, you should only use protein treatments if the hair is feeling gummy.


Nº.0 and Nº.1 are the same. 


TRICK. Although inspired by the in-salon Nº.1 Bond Multiplier, No.0 is formulated for at-home use with home grade potency rather than professional. Nº.0 is a diluted version developed for at-home use, meant as a primer for the No.3 treatment. Nº.1 is the OLAPLEX concentrate and highest grade of OLAPLEX available, it is reserved for salon professions to use in chemical services and for in-salon Stand Alone Treatments. OLAPLEX Nº.0 contains a high amount of the OLAPLEX active ingredient, but not as much as the concentrate Nº.1.



You can overuse OLAPLEX.



TRICK. OLAPLEX Bond Building can be used as often as needed. Unlike protein, which can have adverse effects on the hair when used too often, OLAPLEX treatments are safe to use as often as you'd like. 


OLAPLEX is the only product that rebuilds bonds. 


TREAT. OLAPLEX is a patented technology and invention. It's the only product on the market that can lawfully rebuild bonds making hair healthy again. 


We hope you take these urban legends to all your Halloween festivities and have a very spooky and safe Halloween! 

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