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Traveling with OLAPLEX
August 30, 2021

Traveling with OLAPLEX

If your OLAPLEX survival kit isn’t checked in with your luggage, your hair is begging you to rethink how you do holiday. While you’re recharging under the sun, jumping into chlorinated pools, and swimming through crystal clear ocean water, your hair is counting the moments until you go home. While your holiday lasts a week or two, the photos of your fried hair last a lifetime. Buckle your safety belt; this is a crash course in packing for a hair-friendly holiday.



For a summer abroad, most gravitate towards sandy beaches and tropical climates. Although the tropics do wonders for your skin, they are nothing but frizz for your hair. Now, we’re huge fans of big hair, but when it’s unintentional, your mane can end up less like Donna Summer’s and more like Monica from Friends. You know, The One In Barbados. 



Each product in the OLAPLEX line can target specific holiday hair blues. Since we’re on the topic, let’s start with frizz. 



Humid Climates:



OLAPLEX Nº.6 Bond Smoother Leave-In Styling Treatment is your answer to dramatically reducing frizz while planking on the chaise lounge chair. Nº.6 reduces frizz for up to 72 hours while moisturizing and rebuilding bonds in the hair. Application is effortless. Apply to damp hair and style as you usually would. No need to wash out! 



Dry Climates:



Desert trip, anyone? Moisture is what your hair craves in dry climates. Do not evoke the bad hair day gods by returning home with dry, crunchy, fried hair. With a couple of simple steps, you can quench the thirst of your hair while making it healthier and stronger. Apply Nº.7 Bonding Oil daily or as needed for shine, heat protection up to 450ºF, and moisture touchups. For intense repair, and perhaps a night in the tub, apply Nº.8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask onto clean damp hair. Leave for ten minutes, then rinse out and style with Nº.6 and Nº.7 for added moisture, shine, and frizz control! 



No matter where you are on the globe, your hair will never say no to an Intensive Bond Building Treatment. Hair damage occurs daily from exposure to environmental, thermal, and mechanical damage. Repairing it while on holiday means better hair for those breezy summer nights out. Remember to pack some Nº.0 Intensive Bond Building Treatment, Nº.3 Hair Perfector, and the Nº.8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask for the ultimate getaway repair. The Nº.0 and Nº.3 are available on in a TSA-friendly travel size, perfect for stowing away under the seat.  

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