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Top Reasons to Use OLAPLEX No.0 & No.3 if you have damaged hair
October 13, 2020
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Top Reasons to Use OLAPLEX No.0 & No.3 if you have damaged hair

2021 is calling, and among many strong words it has for 2020, it says goodbye to damaged hair. This year, we saw the launch of the most Intensive Bond Building at-home treatment in OLAPLEX No.0. Paired with No.3, the combination makes rebuilding hair at home more potent than ever. We understand that with compromised hair, healthy hair may seem unattainable. The truth is, everyone can have healthy hair. Some hair journeys may take longer than others, but with OLAPLEX, healthy hair is never out of reach. 


The reasons to have healthy hair are many, the top being––you deserve it! Whether you have virgin hair, damaged hair, or color-treated hair, there’s a reason to get your hair as healthy as possible. 



You deserve to have healthy hair.


With OLAPLEX around, there’s no reason to ever live with damaged hair. If your mane is fried from thermal styling, OLAPLEX can rebuild it. Are chemical services in the salon compromising your hair? Have your colorist use OLAPLEX within the process to mitigate the damage. Whether it’s harsh weather or all of the above, you deserve to have your hair looking and feeling healthy from the inside out. 


Prepping for a color change


Though salon chemicals damage hair, you can set your colorist up for success by treating your hair to OLAPLEX treatments before the service. Treating your hair means creating the most vital canvas possible by rebuilding bonds in the hair. When your colorist uses OLAPLEX in the process on already treated hair, the results will be major!


Color Longevity


Are you tired of color washing out? OLAPLEX closes the cuticle and lowers porosity in the hair allowing the color to adhere longer. This means less fading and fewer visits to the salon for glosses. 


Love your hair


Having healthy hair is equally as important as going to the salon for cut and color, if not more. We know there’s nothing quite like the post-salon glow up, but the feeling of protecting that investment in a salon service by ensuring you have the healthiest hair possible is something worth sticking to. Love your hair and boost your mood knowing you have the confidence a healthy shiny head of hair gives.


Faster recovery from damage


Although you could go the chop-your-hair-off route to healthy hair, with OLAPLEX those measures are rarely needed. Start with one treatment a week and increase frequency as often as desired until your hair is in the healthy state it deserves to be in. 

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