Thermal Styling Recovery with OLAPLEX
November 03, 2020

Thermal Styling Recovery with OLAPLEX

Let’s talk about ways to keep your hair from frying this holiday season. Though festivities may not abound as usual this year, your intimate gatherings and zoom parties will no doubt call for a little extra help in the hairstyling department. From curling wands, blow dryers, and flat irons–– decking your hair out can cause some severe damage. You know, split ends, color-fading, the whole lot! Opting for natural hair styling when possible is ideal, but OLAPLEX is here to ensure frying isn’t part of your holiday look for all other heat styling desires. 
Whether it’s the holidays or not, prepping hair before thermal styling is essential. Excessive stress on your hair can lead to damage over time, affecting how far you can take the look of your hair over time. If your hair is fried from regular flat-ironing or curling, that color change you desire may have to wait until you can get your hair in shape.  Healthy hair not only helps you exude confidence; it also creates an ideal canvas for color and styling. Healthy hair helps color last longer, look more vibrant, and creates a more manageable canvas. 
First things first, you know you have some thermal styling ahead of you, so now it’s time to prep your hair to be the healthiest it can be. Use OLAPLEX No.0 as a primer for OLAPLEX No.3 Hair Perfector treatment for the most intensive bond-building treatment there is. This treatment is the most concentrated version of OLAPLEX you can use at home to rebuild hair. Applying this treatment weekly, at a minimum, gets the hair in the healthiest shape it can be. The hair rebuilds permanently until the bonds are broken again via damage caused by thermal styling, chemicals, mechanical styling, and the environment.
For styling, look no further than the No.6 and No.7 bond-building styling duo to protect your hair during the process. Prep the hair, starting with a pea-sized amount of OLAPLEX No.6 on damp hair to smooth it out, hydrate, and reduce frizz. For much needed thermal styling protection, up to 400 degrees f, apply OLAPLEX No.7 Bonding Oil as needed throughout the hair. Remember, just because your iron goes up to 400 or 450 doesn’t mean you should use it at it’s highest setting. Keeping it under 375 degrees is still useful! Your hair will thank you. 
Routine recovery using No.0 and No.3 is essential to ensure the broken bonds in the hair are rebuilding weekly. There is likely a couple of damage types your hair is exposed to throughout the week; treating it often helps mitigate damage. Need a quick fix? Touching up the hair with No.6 and No.7 is another sure way to give the hair mini treatments throughout the day while increasing shine and hydration!

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