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The Ultimate Salon Routine
December 09, 2022

The Ultimate Salon Routine

We’re now in high season for hair salons and year-end transformations. While we love a drastic change, sometimes all your hair needs is a step in the right direction. Better health is a consistent new year’s resolution that we can all agree should be at the top of the list. While health looks different for everyone, we can help with your hair health! The three in-salon OLAPLEX Treatments create the ultimate salon routine that puts your hair’s integrity forward.


Whether you have color services in mind, or want to kick-start your hair into health, this routine makes your canvas the best for both worlds. For color, it sets you up with the healthiest hair possible, with no barriers that make it hard for color to penetrate through. It will leave your hair strong and hydrated.


OLAPLEX Chelating Treatment


This is your first step before any treatment. A chelating treatment is the ultimate hair reset to remove impurities, chemicals, chlorine, hard water, and pollutants that act as build up in the hair that leads to damage. For the ultimate OLAPLEX salon routine, you need to ensure your hair is as clean as can be for OLAPLEX to work its magic and penetrate the hair. Chelating treatments typically leave the hair feeling rough and dry, but what makes OLAPEX’s unique is its formulated with OLAPLEX’s bond building technology that rebuilds your hair while it simultaneously removes build up and all the bad stuff.


OLAPLEX Stand-Alone Treatment


The Stand-Alone Treatment is the OLAPLEX OG treatment to rebuild the bonds in your hair. It is the salon grade treatment the at-home Nº.0 and Nº.3 are inspired by. It’s safe and ideal for anyone, as all hair can all benefit from healthier hair with each treatment. Get one for a healthy hair refresh, before a color change or color service, or an event. Each treatment brings your hair closer to its virgin-like state, meaning the healthiest hair possible for you. It does so with OLAPLEX’s patented original bond building technology and can be used with any service!




Hello, moisture! This treatment is everything your hair needs for healthy, silky, soft hair. The 4-IN-1Moisture Mask intensively hydrates while rebuilding bonds in the hair, something no other moisture mask does. It’s a miracle worker for anyone suffering the Fall/Winter blues with dry, scratchy hair that needs a surge of moisture. Ideal for any hair type, especially curly hair that is naturally prone to dryness!

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