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Free shipping & sample with every order

November 07, 2020

The Key To Healthier Fashion Colors, with Color Expert Shelley Gregory

There’s no better description than a ‘blank canvas’ to describe hair ready for a fashion color journey. If this resonates with you, you’re probably hip to the bevy of rainbow inspired hair on Instagram and have seen the magical work of Shelley Gregory. Though Shelley’s no stranger to creating a gorgeous icy platinum or dimensional blonde, it’s her dreamy pastel creations that have us and her nearly 50,000 followers swooning for more. Did we mention she can create a braided up do fit for a princess in less than five minutes?

A couple of weeks ago, we visited Shelly at the Atelier Salon in Las Vegas for a live broadcast on Olaplex Periscope and Facebook. We had so much fun watching her do what she does best– CREATE! Shelley is a big fan of diluting her direct dyes with Olaplex No.2 to get that perfect pastel shade. What’s the benefit of mixing like this? You get to treat the hair at the same time! Olaplex No.2 is rebuilding the broken disulfide bonds in the hair and mitigating damage simultaneously, creating a a healthier, shinier, more vibrant color that will last longer. Shelley gave us a step-by-step guide as to how she formulates her direct dyes and some application tips below!

Shelley’s model Kara started with eight weeks of level seven regrowth and pre highlighted hair.

Step 1: Mixed Loreal Blonde Studio multi technique lightener with 25 volume and ¼ No.1 Olaplex. Schwartzkopff 12/11 and 40 volume. Foiled her entire head with the lightener then used the 12/11 in between the foils. Processed for 30 minutes. Rinse only and dry completely.

Step 2: Mixed direct dyes (all Manic Panic) in seven bowls:

Bowl 1: 3 parts Pretty Flamingo, 1 part Olaplex No.2

Bowl 2: 2 parts Sea Nymph, 2 parts Olaplex No.2

Bowl 3: 2 parts Dreamsicle, 1 part Hellfire, 1 part Olaplex No.2

Bowl 4: 1 part Violet, 3 parts Olaplex No.2

Bowl 5: 1 part Fleur Du Mal, 1 part Pink, 2 parts Olaplex No.2

Bowl 6: 2 parts Blue Angel, 1 part Blue Steel, 1 part Olaplex No.2

Bowl 7: 1 part Orange Red, 1 part Olaplex No. 2

Step 3: Starting in the front, take diagonal sections away from the face working up towards the crown. I like to put the darker tones underneath and towards the base. On this client, I made her entire base the blue color. Then, I used the lighter colors around the face and towards the ends similar to a balayage.

Step 4: I separate each section with a Meche strip to keep sectioning and colors clean. I also wipe my hands after each color is applied on the sections, since I am blending the color well with my hands.

Step 5: Process for 30 minutes without heat, then rinse with cold water. Shampoo lightly with a sulfate free shampoo, then condition, blow dry, and style!


Make sure to use any hot tools on low settings when styling.

Tell the client to always use cold water to shampoo when she/he showers at home.

Make sure the client goes home with Olaplex No. 3 to ensure they’re rebuilding the bonds in the hair with weekly treatments in between salon visits.


For more tips and techniques from Shelley, mark your calendars for July 19, 2016 when she takes over the @Olaplex Snapchat account with a day in the life at her salon, full of education and gorgeous COLOR!

Shelley Gregory is a colorist in Las Vegas, Nevada. Instagram: @shelleygregoryhair.

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