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Switching Up Brunette Color for the Fall
October 21, 2021

Switching Up Brunette Color for the Fall

Raise your hand if your highlights have been personally victimized by the summer sun. You’ve come to the right place. You’re one of the many highlighted brunettes who entered the Fall season with brassy, scratchy hair. With environmental damage and more exposure to salt and chlorine water, lightened hair errs on the side of orange when not adequately maintained. As we enjoy everything the pumpkin spice season offers, there are simple solutions to getting your brunette mane Fall current.


The great news is that we’re now able to address our hair needs in the salon around the globe. Book an appointment and consultation with your colorist for the OLAPLEX Stand-Alone treatment. This intensive professional treatment is the most potent service available to rebuild hair, which is just what your hair needs to recover from all the damage it incurred over the summer. 


Now, you’re likely due for refresh highlights and, at the very least, a gloss. Consider for the Fall season, lowlights to add dimension for rich, beautiful, deep color. Lowlights are the ideal middle ground for brunettes who desire a deeper shade for the season but do not wish to cover their highlights completely. They are like highlights, except with color instead of lightener, meaning they can create gorgeous dimension around the head. Refreshing your highlights, adding lowlights, and a gloss can be the ideal transformation for your Fall look. Consider warm glosses with shades of amber or honey to match the leaves of the season. 


Some of our favorite brunette color looks include: 


Single Process Color


Have you ever seen a gorgeous head of rich chocolate brown or raven hair? No highlights, just pure color and luminous shine. More than not, color looks best with dimension, but single-process brunette color is definitely the exception. 



Lowlights and Highlights with Warmth


For the ultimate dimensional mane that says, ‘I love to be out in the sun, but baby, it’s cold outside.’ You can have lavish color that says it all, with deep tones and pops of brightness that still nod to sun-kissed hair. 


For lower maintenance manes struggling with brass, gloss down your highlights to a warm, rich brown for the Fall. This eliminates brassiness while giving life and shine to your hair. It’s also budget-friendly and super versatile for adjustments!


As always, maintain your brunette with regular OLAPLEX treatments at home with OLAPLEX Nº.0 and Nº.3 for an intensive bond-building treatment and Nº.8 for locked-in moisture to get you through the cooling months ahead! 


Photo: Maguy Rosen @themaneartistry

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