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Summer 2021 Hair Trends
May 24, 2021
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Summer 2021 Hair Trends

Summer Solstice 2021, come hither, we’re ready to serve our post-lockdown looks. On June 20th, the season changes, and many cities in the United States fully open. Remember the roaring 20s we envisioned New Year’s Eve 2020? Well, fast forward after a year inside during a global pandemic and self-care rituals galore, the roaring 20s are finally here and diving in hair first. When we say looks will serve, think of daring, larger-than-life hairstyles that guarantee double-takes. 

Our looks are how we communicate, and this Summer is no exception. In fact, it is the conversation. Move over 2020; Summer 2021 is here for the taking: 

Big 70s Shags

Shaggy hair with 70s bangs is where it’s at this Summer. This look is low maintenance, natural, and playful — perfect for your summer emergence. We seek inspiration from icons like Farrah Fawcett, Kate Bush, and The Rolling Stones. For more modern 70s moments, check out the 70s hair moments Lizzo and Zendaya had recently. People are gravitating towards an effortless look to avoid routine visits to the salon. They’re used to a year without salon services and want to ease into glam at their own pace.

Fashion Colors

Remember those DIY quarantine color jobs? This isn’t that. Pink and blue tones will have their moment this Summer for those who desire a statement as soon as they walk out the door. Think the 90s, early 2000s Gwen Stefani. This trend is for those who want to feel light, fun, and daring because life’s too short not to have pink hair if you want it. Remember to keep the hair healthy with regular OLAPLEX treatments in between salon visits!

Short Chops

Sometimes hair can feel like a weight on your shoulders; an old job, an old relationship, an old you. We’re loving hair looks above the shoulders like pixies, bobs and afros.

Curls, Curls, Curls

Natural textures are out to play. People have enabled themselves to repair their hair with OLAPLEX, and the results are in: Natural hair for the win! This season is all about embracing your curls and telling your story. Think boho natural waves and big radiant disco curls!

Natural Brunettes

Brunettes went through the motions last year when salons closed. Without routine highlights, toners, and bleach and tones, they empowered themselves to love their natural color. As we’ve gone through several lockdowns brunettes are keeping their looks low maintenance and positively fabulous.


Long Lucious Hair

While some are going for huge chops, others have watched their hair go to mermaid length the past year and are rocking it! We’ll see the lengths many manes have peaked to this Summer from long beach waves and curls. 

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