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Free shipping & sample with every order

Sister Treatments: The Stand Alone Treatment™ & Intensive At-Home Treatment
March 16, 2021

Sister Treatments: The Stand Alone Treatment™ & Intensive At-Home Treatment

For hair repair, OLAPLEX is the holy grail. OLAPLEX dramatically improves hair in just one treatment, rebuilding broken bonds to make them healthy again. What happens when there are two treatments that both rebuild bonds? OLAPLEX has two bond-building sister treatments, one for salons and one designed for at-home use. Consider the OLAPLEX Stand-Alone Treatment™, the most vigorous OLAPLEX treatment available - accessible only through salons- and the OLAPLEX Intensive At-Home Treatment, the at-home version of the Stand-Alone Treatment™.


The two treatments rebuild bonds and intensely repair hair, leaving the hair healthy, shiny, and fortified. You may wonder what the difference between salon-grade and at-home use is; It all started with the in-salon Stand-Alone Treatment™, composed of the OLAPLEX concentrate Nº.1 and the concentrate with a cream additive, Nº.2. This treatment is the most potent, most concentrated OLAPLEX treatment available. It is safe to use as often as needed and compatible with every hair type and product line.


The Intensive At-Home Treatment takes inspiration from salons, with a formula for at-home use, meaning it’s a diluted version of the concentrate, as where the Stand-Alone™ is the actual concentrate of OLAPLEX. So when do you use one versus the other? Is just treating at home okay, or should you only get Stand-Alone Treatments™? The answer is, your hair needs both, and here’s why:


When You Need An In-Salon Stand-Alone Treatment™


This is the ideal starting place for anyone new to OLAPLEX who wants to be blown away after their first treatment. Concentrated with OLAPLEX’s patented formula, the Stand-Alone brings hair as close to a virgin-like state as possible with each treatment. Consider this the gold standard and a regular when you visit the salon. For healthy hair, once a month is best for optimum repair; for highly comprised hair, we recommend getting this treatment in the salon as often as you can.


When You Need An Intensive At-Home Treatment


We call them sister treatments for a reason! Designed for at-home use, Nº.0 and Nº.3 maintain healthy hair. Consider the Stand-Alone, the big sister, and the Intensive At-Home Treatment the little sister you use in between in-salon Stand-Alone Treatments™ to maintain and rebuild the hair. Use the Intensive At-Home Treatment as often as you’d like, at a minimum of once a week for best results.

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