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Scorpio Season
October 26, 2021

Scorpio Season

Scorpio, you’re mysterious, independent, and charismatic. Some people like to call the October spooky season, but you know it’s really just Scorpio season. Of all the zodiac, you’re one of the few who like to shock with their looks. Hair is no exception for you, bold Scorpio. We’ve officially hit the season of the infamous Scorpio gaze and amplified intensity.

Although you’re known for your mystery, there’s nothing shy about the way you express yourself. With hair meant to make a statement, you opt for fierce fashion colors, flirty cuts, and anything with a dash for dramatics.

To comprehend these choices, one must truly understand the eighth sign of the zodiac. Although calm on the surface, Scorpio, you’re notorious for emotional intensity and deep thinking below. You appreciate stability, you’re determined, creative, mystical, and oh so passionate. In friendship, your besties are fellow water signs and Earth signs.

Because you appreciate groundedness, keeping your standout looks healthy is vital, from your hair to your skincare. OLAPLEX is no stranger to your thoughtful routine. When your mind is grounded, everything that follows works better. The same goes for your hair and skin that you love to keep on point at all times.

Long Black Hair

With manes, nothing says Scorpio more than long dark hair. Think a sleek look a la Bettie Page retro or a lioness head of dark hair for drama. It’s no mystery that you’re edgy, so channel the spooky season you were born into with a head of long, dark hair.

Photo: Wendy Jenkins 

Bold Single Color Vivids

If anyone can pull off a bold fashion color, it’s a Scorpio. Although you may seem shy on the outside, you speak to the world with your aesthetic. From purple hair to red, Scorpio can pull off any statement color.


Nothing says a little mystery like curtain bangs and blunt bangs to house a bit of Scorpio discretion. Bangs can be sexy and cute simultaneously, further feeding on the flirty, mysterious Scorpio persona.

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