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Salon Etiquette 101
August 11, 2021

Salon Etiquette 101

It might surprise you that being late for your appointment isn’t the only salon no-no. In the age of transparency and information, we deem it vital for clients to show up as their best selves for their appointment. There’s a bit of an unwritten code for salon etiquette. Don’t worry; this insider’s guide will make you the best salon guest. Happy, stylist, radiant hair! 



How does your stylist want you to come in?



Come in early, but not too early. A stylist’s time is money and which means they strategize their day appointment to appointment to run smoothly. One sure way to inconvenience your stylists’ day and their other clients is to be late. Even if you’re 15 minutes late, your appointment will still take the same time, making your stylist late for their next client and all clients after that. It’s incredibly stressful to have a day continue to get pushed back, so please be on time and at most, 15 minutes early. 



How do you prepare for your salon visit in advance?



Come in prepared with at least three inspiration photos of the color or cut your desire. Sometimes, “I trust you, do what you think” is an extreme wildcard a stylist may not want the pressure to draw. Specificity is vital, so bring as many photos as you wish to convey your desired outcome. Getting on the same page avoids the awkward “this isn’t what I wanted” conversation. 



Can I bring someone or my pet to the salon?



While you may want the company, it’s a big no-no to bring your significant other or children to the salon. This is your private and allotted time for your stylist to focus on bringing your vision to life. Accommodating friends, children, and family is an added stressor to your stylist, who needs to focus on your look. Although it’s best furry friends stay home, ask your stylist about their salon policy for furry friends such as service animals. 



How much do I tip?



A tip of 18%-20% of your service total is standard and appreciated!






Don’t cancel last minute unless it’s unavoidable and dire. Your appointment is income your stylist depends on earning, and one that is difficult to fill with another guest at the last minute. If you reschedule an appointment, you made for a future date, do so as far in advance as you can. Bonus points if you tip your stylist for a last-minute cancellation you made. 



If you’re sick, stay home. 



This should go across the board for anything you do outside of the house. It’s more imperative than ever; even if your symptoms are mild, stay home!



Don’t micromanage



Above all, listen to your intuition and only book with a stylist or colorist if you feel they’re the right fit for your desired outcome. With that said, if you don’t have this connection and trust but still move forward with the appointment, it is rude to micromanage their process. They’re the professional; unless you see something going wrong, trust the process. You’re getting the service with your stylist because they’re trusted. 



Speak up if there’s something wrong.



Remember that last part we said about the exception to micromanaging your appointment? Yep, something going wrong. Please do not wait until it’s too late at the end of your appointment to speak up. If there’s any burning or irritating your scalp, if you don’t like the color at the bowl, if you feel your stylist is cutting too much, etc. They ultimately encourage this type of communication!



Phone etiquette



Try to be present and leave your phone in your bag or at the station. Absolutely no phone calls. If you need to text for work during your appointment, be mindful and flexible of moving your head to get the correct placement in whatever position your stylist needs.





Bringing food to your appointment, especially a lengthy color appointment, is acceptable! Your stylist wants you to be comfortable. We suggest being mindful of what kind of food you bring; something neutral and not too odorous is best not to disturb others at the salon. Light snacks!






If you have a color appointment, we highly recommend wearing a shirt that isn’t collared, turtle, or mock neck, as it’s tricky for your stylist to not get color on them! 

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