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Repairing and Moisturizing with No.3, No.5, and  No.6
July 13, 2020

Repairing and Moisturizing with No.3, No.5, and No.6

In the hair industry, the first signs of Spring look like dry brittle hair in much need of some tender love and care. After a season of cold weather, harsh winds, and heavy styling (we’re looking at you, holiday hair!) your mane is craving some major hair therapy. That’s where OLAPLEX comes in! OLAPLEX No.3, No.5, and No.7 are going to be the three saving graces help you bloom into the season ahead.

In just a few simple step, the following will help help get the most out of your post winter re-vamp:

No.3 Hair Perfector:

This is where your OLAPLEX journey begins. Use No.3 on clean, damp hair. Apply throughout and comb through to ensure full saturation. Take advantage of your time at home by leaving the treatment on as long as you’d like throughout the day. The longer the better!

PRO TIP: Styling your hair into braids or a bun helps retain the moisture in your hair, meaning the treatment is active longer! Once the treatment dries out in your hair, it’s no longer active. Rinse and shampoo it out. You can condition with OLAPLEX No.5 in the shower, or opt for a lengthier conditioning treatment (instructions ahead).

No.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioning Treatment:

The next step is how you’re going to bring intense moisture back to your hair! Do this by applying OLAPLEX No.5 on damp hair, comb through to saturate all over then style into a bun or braids. The longer you leave the treatment on, the silkier, more conditioned it will be, so have fun with it!

No.6 Bond Smoother:

Finally, we have the No.6 leave-in! Depending on your hair type or texture, start with a dime sized amount of No.6 then work your way up if needed. A little goes a very long way! This powerful leave-in both rebuilds bonds in the hair and conditions at the same time, making it the ultimate finish to this repair and moisturize treatment. Apply the amount into your palm, then rub in to saturate your hands with the product then work through your hair. Style as you normally would.

PRO TIP: Add some drops of No.7 mixed in to No.6 and apply through the hair for an added shine boost and bond building magic!

We made a list of activities you can do at home while you have the OLAPLEX treatment on. Check out our tips for treating your hair at home here!

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