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November 06, 2020

Q&A: Amy Roiland of A Fashion Nerd

Name: Amy Roiland
Occupation: Blogger
Instagram/Vine/Twitter: @Afashionnerd

Amy Roiland is a Los Angeles based fashion blogger and editor of A Fashion Nerd. She’s also the CEO and Founder of FashionTap which is a Fashion Social Networking App where users can tag products directly to their photos and be paid when people click to buy because all tags are built in affiliate links through ShopStyle. You can download her app in the App store.

Amy recently went through a massive hair change. She went from a grown out box-dyed ombré to platinum in a day with Olaplex! We sat down with the blogger to chat about her new life as a platinum blonde and more things hair.

You told us you’d always wanted to go blonde, but were afraid of damaging your hair. What made you finally do it?

Olaplex is the entire reason and only reason I finally went blonde. My entire life I’ve wanted to go blonde and even tried to with 3 different hair people and no one could get me there without frying my poor hair. Finally I discovered Olaplex and went to an amazing hair stylist, Arielle Nevatt, (@REL on FashionTap) at C The Salon and she got me this platinum blonde in one try!

How did your hair feel prior to going platinum?

My hair was really dry and not very healthy before and it was my natural hair color. When I went platinum in one try my hair felt TOO SOFT!!! I texted my boyfriend and said my hair is WAY too soft it’s kinda insane. My hair feels healthier now than it did before with my natural color. CRAZY, I know.

How does your hair feel now? 

My hair feels incredibly soft, today I was touching it all day, its silky soft. I cannot believe it. I went red before and my hair was fried and frizzy and terrible. My hair now is unbelievably smooth and soft. I am seriously blown away by Olaplex. If you guys are taking investors count me in, I would invest my entire savings in this company, you guys have created gold here. My friend was over the other day and she’s brunette now and she said she’s going blonde again because of Olaplex, this friend is a semi celebrity actress which is exciting!

What is it like being a blonde now after wanting to be for so long?

I feel incredible, I feel super unique now and I feel like I really stand out with this hair color. My skin tone is so pale and now with white hair I look even more pale. I feel really unique and now I have no bloggers out there who look like me! Before I just blended into the crowd.

Who are your hair icons?

Alexa Chung and Brigitte Bardot. I love when Alexa Chung put on a short white hair wig once, she looks incredible blonde!!!

What are you currently doing to maintain the integrity of your hair after going platinum?

I basically use a some what heavy conditioner and I use Olaplex once a week. I have been using Olaplex no.3 on my hair every single Sunday. I love it so much! I leave Olaplex in for 25 mins and then wash it out. That is all I do and it feels amazing.

Has your new look impacted your style in anyway? Is it fun to play around with different pieces having a new hair color?

YES!!!! 100%. I love using color chalk lately and chalking my bangs a different color. I’ve never been able to do this before with brunette hair. I also love shooting on colorful walls because my hair pops now! My style is still the same though, I am very free and fun with my style, the color most definitely punches me up.

Any new hair styling routines now that you’re a blonde? 

Yes, I have to blow dry my hair straight now and iron it or curl it. Mainly i just want to leave it be and if its my natural waves and kinda poofy then so be it

What do you suggest for those wanting to do a big color change like you did? 

GO BIG OR GO HOME. Just do it. Especially now with Olaplex DO IT for sure! You can always go back brown in less than 15 mins.. DO IT

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