November 06, 2020

Olaplex’s Special Offer to You

It’s been a remarkable two years watching hairstylists around the world use Olaplex as a way to push color services further than ever before. Today, we are excited to announce a way for all your clients to see and feel the Olaplex difference!

For the next two months, we’re giving you the No. 2 Back Bar (1/2 Gallon) for free when you purchase a Salon Intro Kit! We want you to offer affordable mini-treatments to your clients, so they can feel their hair like never before. We recommend offering them for as little as $5 and with approximately 200 mini-treatments in each bottle that’s $1000 in revenue straight to you.


Cutting Lotion: Apply the No. 2 to clean towel dried hair, comb through, then cut! Once the haircut is finished, shampoo the hair, then condition and style as usual!

Mini Treatment: Apply a generous amount to clean dry or towel dried hair. Leave on for a minimum of 5 minutes. Shampoo out, then condition and style as usual!

Thank you for your love and loyalty of Olaplex. We’re excited to keep changing the game with you!

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