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Free shipping & sample with every order

December 22, 2020
healthy hair


Some hair types are more fragile than others, some are fine, coarse, curly, or straight, but internally, all hair is the same. The same way hair breaks from one head of hair are identical to the next head of hair. Breakage in hair is universal because the internal structure of everyone's hair is similar. No matter the texture, color, or integrity, OLAPLEX can rebuild all hair because OLAPLEX is for everybody.

Sure, there are various types of hair, and they all look different from one another. Although each hair type has its concerns and needs, the solution to damage looks the same. When the hair is damaged, the disulfide bonds break. When these bonds break, the only way to relink them back together is with OLAPLEX treatments, featuring OLAPLEX's patented bond-building chemistry.

When it comes to hair types, curly hair is the most fragile, but that doesn't mean straight hair doesn't break just the same. A healthy head of hair, like virgin hair, in contrast to chemically treated hair, breaks, and heals in the same ways. Everyone and every hair type can benefit from being healthier than before, no matter what hair journey they're on. When you catch the first signs of damage, it's essential always to address it with a treatment so it doesn't worsen.

Everyone can use OLAPLEX N°.0 Bond Building Intensive At-Home Treatment paired with OLAPLEX N°.3 Hair Perfector for the ultimate at-home bond rebuilding. Fine hair will repair closest to its virgin-like state with each treatment, and curls will revive with more bounce and strength than before. When it comes to color-treated hair, approaching damage is the same. Using OLAPLEX within the color process is essential to mitigate damage, and using OLAPLEX after the service aids in rebuilding all the broken bonds in the hair, time and again.

When it comes to curing damaged hair, we believe there's no other way than to be completely inclusive. That's why our very core's mission is to serve every single head of hair with a single chemistry and a line of products to address all your concerns. Healthy hair means more confidence, higher self-esteem, and an overall boost in mood. Self-love and care are for everybody, and that's something we're entirely proud of!

The entire OLAPLEX line can be used together to create the perfect hair moment for any hair type. Accentuate curls with N°.6 Leave-In Treatment Cream and N°.7 Bonding Oil for hydrated, shiny, defined curls. For compromised hair, begin with as many treatments as desired. We've seen great results from people who do treatments thrice weekly. All hair types should practice weekly treatments to keep every strand healthy.

Whether you have compromised, virgin, curly hair, or fine, rest assured knowing OLAPLEX will make your hair healthier!

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