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National Hair Day 2021
March 13, 2023

National Hair Day 2021

It’s hard to believe a holiday devoted to hair is as new as 2017. Today is National Hair Day, a day dedicated to celebrating all things hair from styles, color, products, and tools to hairdressers and salons. More than all, it’s a celebration of healthy, beautiful hair. OLAPLEX knows a thing or two about that, as the leaders and creators of the bond-building category. 


When it comes to hair, there’s so much to celebrate! For one, it makes you uniquely you. From straight hair, wavy hair to curly hair and kinky coils—your mane and how you style it sends a message to the world. You get the picture; hair is fabulous. So how does one celebrate National Hair Day? I’ll tell you one thing, let’s start by taking your hair to the next level. Whether you have work, school, errands, or absolutely nothing to do today, it’s the day to let your hair shine.


To celebrate gorgeous hair, getting your hair into the best shape possible starts with an OLAPLEX treatment, but since it’s National Hair Day, go off and do two treatments. 


Start with the Intensive Bond Building Treatment with OLAPLEX Nº.0 and OLAPLEX Nº.3 Hair Perfector. Begin by dampening the hair with OLAPLEX Nº.0, then combing through to saturate thoroughly. Wait ten minutes, then apply the Nº.3 directly on top, saturating through with a comb. Wait another ten minutes at minimum. It is a celebration day, after all, so feel free to leave the treatment on longer. The results from those who leave it on 30-60 minutes are incredible! When you’re done, shampoo it out with OLAPLEX Nº.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo. 


A balanced mane is healthy and hydrated, which means moisture is your next step to level up for National Hair Day. Use OLAPLEX Nº.8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask to add a surge of moisture to your mane. Start by applying on clean damp hair (it’s the perfect next step after shampooing out the Intensive Bond Building Treatment). Comb through to saturate thoroughly, then let the treatment sit for ten minutes. Rinse out, then style as you usually would.


Devote some time to a new style, or just have a really, really good hair day. To show your hair extra love throughout the day, consider using a cocktail of OLAPLEX Nº.6 Bond Smoother and Nº.7 Bonding Oil for additional bond building and protection. 


Above all, love your hair in all the ways you can. Happy National Hair Day! 

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