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N°.0: It's All About Saturation
December 23, 2020
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N°.0: It's All About Saturation

Having OLAPLEX at home is the first step into a majorly healthy head of hair. The Intensive at-home treatment, consisting of OLAPLEX N°.0, the primer, and OLAPLEX N°.3, the Hair Perfector, is the most concentrated bond-building treatment you can do at home. Having this duo as a tool to perfect your hair's integrity can go a long way, but knowing how to use them effectively will ensure you get the most out of your routine. Healthy, strong, resilient hair is all about saturation!

Both products go a long way, with up to 3-6 treatments per bottle depending on the user's amount of hair. To maximize each treatment, one must perfect the application, made easy with N°.0's precise bottlenose applicator. We recommend most users start on clean, dry hair; however, for those with thick curly hair, begin by spraying the hair down with a spray bottle to get the most out of your N°.0 bottle. The key to N°.0 is all in the saturation. Each application must end with the hair damp (not dripping) and wet to the touch.

Section the hair for manageability and control, then use the N°.0 bottlenose on the sections, dampening throughout the hair and combing through. The hair should look and feel wet and damp. Repeat this process until the entire head is fully saturated. Saturation is what primes the hair for an intensive OLAPLEX treatment paired with N°.0. Without fully saturating the hair, N°.0 can't prime each strand to boost the N°.3 treatment. Users should ensure they're fully saturating the hair with N°.0 before applying N°.3. Leave the N°.0 treatment on for ten minutes.

After N°.0 works it's magic on the hair, apply N°.3 directly on top and leave on for an additional minimum of ten minutes. The idea of saturating N°.0 goes the same for N°.3. Apply it generously on top of N°.0 and comb through until it's fully saturated. The more, the better! This is where the intensive treatment begins; when these two merge to rebuild bonds throughout the entire head. The more saturation, the more bonds OLAPLEX can rebuild, and the healthier your hair will be.

We recommend treating the hair once weekly with OLAPLEX N°.0 and N°.3 to vastly improve the hair's health and repair any damage done throughout the weeks!

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