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Makeup and Healthy Hair
August 27, 2021

Makeup and Healthy Hair

First things first; are you a hair before makeup person or makeup before hair person? Getting ready is an art. Hair and makeup complement one another to boost confidence and elevate self-expression. A moment of stillness while getting ready allows room for intention with a touch of glamour. It’s not just about putting some makeup on and curling your hair. It’s creating a ritual and experience to showcase your best self to the world.

Your routine may start the day before a night out with popping an OLAPLEX treatment on while watching a YouTube tutorial on Euphoria eye makeup. Whatever it may be, a little inspiration goes a long way. Here are some of OLAPLEX’s favorite tips for your next makeup and hair moment.

Before any makeup routine, check all your bases first. For optimum outcome, apply a face mask and OLAPLEX treatment the night before to ensure your skin is on point and your hair is healthier than ever—small details like hair treatments before styling can make a massive difference in the detail of your look.

Heat-free hair styling is the trend of summer 2021, so consider foam curlers or rollers for a voluminous textured look. Before setting the curlers, apply a cocktail of OLAPLEX Nº.6 and Nº.7 to the hair for frizz control, moisture, and shine. The two products will rebuild your hair further while in the curlers and increase its manageability.

Since a head full of curlers is oh-so-50s, a vintage-inspired cat-eye with a rep lip is the perfect fit for va-va-voom hair. The cat-eye is a look that hasn’t gone out of style and is a favorite for modern-day It-girls like Alexa Chung. Opt for a more playful cat eye by switching up the color of the liner for an orange or blue!

Makeup is a tool to enhance what you naturally have, but sometimes you want to go off. An iconic way to adorn the face like a canvas is by playing with skin-friendly rhinestones and gems around the eyes. If eye shadow is more your thing, here are some palette colors that compliment your hair color:

Warm brunettes: Copper tones

Raven hair: Smokey eye

Red hair & blondes: Golden tones

Platinum: White glitter shadow


Absolutely no look is complete without some affirmations. You are beautiful. You are strong. You are healthy. Now, call up the gals for a Girls’ Night Out!

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