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Julianne Hough Got An OLAPLEX Perm!
October 27, 2020

Julianne Hough Got An OLAPLEX Perm!

And it’s not your frizzy ‘80s perm. Promise.


Leave it to Julianne Hough to break the internet with yet another hair trend… but this time, it’s not her choppy lob or sun-kissed balayage… it’s her new wavy permed hair texture. You might be thinking, “A perm? The ‘80s are over!”, but let me tell you– this isn’t your glam rock meets a scene in Heathers perm. It’s the perm that saves you the 30 minutes it takes to add texture to your hair with a flat iron for that effortless loose beach wave look like Kim Kardashian or wrapping your hair around a wand to get the sought after Victoria’s Secret model hair. Perms have come a longway and are now customizable to current hair trends, without the extra baggage.

Julianne has been asking her stylist, Riawna Capri of Nine Zero One salon in Los Angeles, to give her a perm for upwards of six years now. However, Jules is a highlight client and any beauty school grad knows– you do NOT perm highlighted hair without expecting serious breakage and damage. We’re talking hair melting off here. Forget what you thought you knew about perms, this is where Olaplex comes in.

For the first time in hairstory you can perm previously highlighted hair without compromising it’s integrity… and that’s unheard of. Perm master, Joe Santy put Olaplex to the test on the Dancing with The Stars and GREASE: Live! starlett Monday afternoon and the end result was fabulous, healthy, California beach waves.

Jules posted a photo the next morning in true “I Woke Up Like This” fashion loving her healthy style ready waves! We love them too and see the beach wave perm here to stay. Who’s next?

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