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How to Accentuate Your Hair Color Based on Your Skin Tone
January 20, 2022

How to Accentuate Your Hair Color Based on Your Skin Tone

You don’t need to be a hair professional to understand color theory; in fact, we’re in a new era of being an informed client. Salon jargon can intimidate, especially when your hairdresser drops the confusing question, “do you like warm tones or cool tones?” You may want a particular hair color but have a skin tone that compliments another or wear specific makeup that isn’t as flattering as it could be. A brief lesson on how your skin tone and underlying pigment can assist you in making informed choices that bring out the best you! 

For skin tones, there are warm, cool, and neutral pigments. Typically, people with less melanin have cooler undertones, and those with more melanin are neutral or warm in their undertones. 

Fair skin with cool undertones looks best with icy tones like platinum, light to dark brown hair with blue-based or neutral tones. Fair skin with warm undertones looks great with buttery caramel blondes or rich brunette shades. For fashion colors, fair, cool-toned skin looks best with cool pastel colors like blue and light purple. 

Medium skin with a cool undertone is best complemented by beige blonde colors, while warm undertones on medium skin look best with warm blonds; think honey and bronde. Medium skin with cool undertones thrives with rich chocolate brunette shades and blue undertones. Warm medium skin tones look best with rich dark mochas. When it comes to olive skin tones and dark skin, the darker the brunette, the better!

Dark skin with cool undertones looks lovely with ashy blonde, dark brunette shades. Bold jewel-toned colors look best with medium to dark skin—think a bold amethyst or radiant ruby. 

When it comes to red hair, warm undertones are best, no matter your skin color. Those with darker skin tones opt for a fiery pop, while those with gradually lighter skin should experiment with orange auburn shades. 


Brunette Gold, bronze, champagne, and peachy shades compliment brunette hair so well! Brunettes are the most predominant hair color in the world, known for natural beauty. Just like nature intended, makeup that accentuates dewy, glowy, healthy skin looks best on this bold shade. For lipstick, go big with deep reds and purple shades. 

Red For redheads, neutral is best. Choose with intention where you want your pop of color to be and remember the uniqueness your color brings to any look. For eyes, think forest and emerald greens for the ultimate color wheel contrast. For lips, go for a color that accentuates your natural lip color, like pinks and reds. 

Blonde Cool tones look lovely with peachy pink colors for the face, and warm tones love sun-kissed looks of gold. You want your makeup to make a statement, but you don’t want it to look too contrasted. Opt for eyeliners in shades of brown rather than black for a softer cat-eye. As for lips, blondes can pull off pinks, like no other!

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