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Guide: How Much N°.6 to Use Based On Your Hair Type
January 12, 2021
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Guide: How Much N°.6 to Use Based On Your Hair Type

When applying OLAPLEX’s Leave-In Styling Treatment N°.6, there are no rules. Everyone’s hair is unique with its own needs to look prime; that is why N°.6 application is perfectly customizable. Some hair types require very little product, as more can weigh their hair down. Others, such as those with curly hair, may need more N°.6 to quench and hydrate the hair thoroughly. OLAPLEX N°.6 is a powerful tool that reduces frizz for up to seventy-two hours, hydrates hair, rebuilds bonds while increasing manageability.

The Leave-In Styling Treatment is not a one-size-fits-all product. Use it to your benefit. If you’re not getting the results you want, consider using more. If the product is weighing your hair down, use a smaller amount. We’re lucky to have a diverse team with several hair types to show how much OLAPLEX N°.6 they use on their hair!


Hadley has fine hair and uses a minimal amount of N°.6 throughout for anti-frizz and moisture. The pea-sized quantity she uses is ideal for keeping her hair healthy, hydrated, and free of frizz without weighing it down.


Vanessa has fine, loose waves. She uses N°.6 to touch up her hair as it’s prone to dryness and going flat. For this photo, Vanessa says, “I used N°.6 after day two hair. I retouched my hair with a curling iron and then used N°.6 to soften my hair and add texture.”


This is how much Ashley uses on her thick, wavy hair. The amount used is for each side. She works the product in on each side prior to styling to minimize frizz and maximize moisture.


“I can’t use enough N°.6 for my dry curly hair,” says Eva, “I live in an arid climate with low humidity, so I like to use extra N°.6 to keep it hydrated all day long.” Eva uses roughly two quarter-sized squeezes of N°.6 for her curls. Her curls typically feel dry and look undefined without the N°.6; with it, they are shiny, hydrated, and perfectly defined!

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