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Free shipping & sample with every order

Free shipping & sample with every order

July 13, 2020


Utilize these tips and tricks to get the most out of your Olaplex service.

In the world of hair, time is an essential factor. Whether it be for drastic color transformations and treatments, to blow outs and beyond. Though, could we be missing something extra to maximize our time behind the chair? We know you all create some major hair magic, but just in case you want add a little more loving into your services, here are some ways to have your client yelling “TREAT YOURSELF!” while simultaneously doing a hair flip as they walk out of your salon.


The mini treatment is one of our absolute favorites.

While coloring: Root touch up? Don’t leave those sad ends all alone. Apply the No.2 mid shaft to ends while your client’s root color is processing. Not only are you giving your client the service she/he came in for, but you’re restoring the broken disulfide bonds while they’re processing that otherwise would have gone unattended.

While lightening: What about all the hair outside of the foils? Or the pieces not graced by the balayage brush? Show them some love by applying the No.2 all over the pieces that are not processing.


*Note: These tips are in addition to your typical Olaplex Steps… You still follow with the No 2 treatment after services as usual. The mini treatment is just something extra to enhance your service. Why not?


The perfect way to treat your client in a snip. A great way to introduce Olaplex to your non-chemical clients is to use No.2 as a cutting lotion. This is a version of the mini treatment that you can utilize during the haircut– just apply the No.2, cut, shampoo out, and condition then blow dry! They will love how silky and shiny their hair is.

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