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Fully Natural: Embracing Silver Hair
September 21, 2020
going grey

Fully Natural: Embracing Silver Hair

With the inconsistent salon shutters and openings, silver-haired clients feel obliged to embrace their color. When grays occur, going natural becomes a new journey in your beautiful head of hair. It's not just about silver-colored hair; it's adapting to a new texture that comes with grays and learning how to make it work for you. You may notice in growing gray hairs (thank you, 2020) that the texture is wirier than your pigmented hair. Understanding what changes your hair is going through and how to rock those gorgeous silver sparkles will help you be your best, entirely natural self. 


Image: @aprilbloom

The pigment cells in hair follicles that produce melanin give hair its color. When the cells no longer produce melanin, the hair's lack of pigment turns silver, white, or gray. Whether you gray prematurely, or around your mid-30s-40s, new growth will grow in gray. Whatever you do, it can be tempting to pull out sporadic strands of gray, but it's advisable not to. Hair falls out enough every day, without the help of us plucking out valuable strands that make up our hair's fullness.


Some challenges that surface from going gray is the texture change that results from the new silver growth. Though the texture feels more coarse and wiry, the structure of the follicle doesn't change. Around the time the melanin-producing cells slow down, the hair follicles themselves decline in producing as much of the oils that hydrate the hair, otherwise known as sebum—the lack of sebum results in drier hair, which in turn feels wiry in texture. 


Transitioning to gray hair means adjusting to your new beautiful color and revamping your styling routine. You've done it before, and you certainly can do it again! We have the starting place for you, the at-home OLAPLEX No.0 Intensive Bond Building Treatment. You may think OLAPLEX is just for color-treated hair, but it's so much more beyond that! OLAPLEX helps bring the hair back to it's natural, healthy state. When hair is healthy, it is more manageable, which aids in the concern of textural change.


The integrity of the hair and moisture should be two elements in which you up the ante when it comes to your new hair routine. Weekly treatments of OLAPLEX No.0 and No.3 will benefit your hair by creating manageability necessary in adjusting to this new look. This may translate as your hair routine adjusting; maybe you use more product, maybe less. A great starting point when it comes to styling is using OLAPLEX No.6 Bond Smoother and No.7 Bonding Oil. This combination adds shine, increases manageability, reduces frizz, has UV protection, heat protection up to 450º, rebuilds bonds, and intensely hydrates. 


More people are embracing going entirely natural, and we love it! Knowing the reasons as to why your hair is changing and what you can do to address the changes is the first step in making your new look, your favorite look. 

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