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November 17, 2020

Expert Tips for Year Round Sun Kissed Hair

The beachy highlight is one of the most requested color styles in salons. From blondes, brunettes, to redheads– all enjoy variations of the style year round. But how do you ensure your clients get that “I spent all summer in the hamptons” look vs “I love your highlights, where did you get them”? In other words; NATURAL!

Lucky for us, we got the whole shibang when we visited colorist to models and socialites, Sara ‘Slim’ Lim. The Ramirez Tran hairdresser showed us her technique for achieving sun-kissed hair, plus her most coveted Olaplex tips that get her through each service. Follow along to see how she gets her clientele beach ready, no matter the season.

Slim suggests clients have a good amount of regrowth for proper dimension. This client in particular gets her hair highlighted twice a year and does Olaplex No. 3 treatments at home every two weeks to keep her hair healthy.

If the hair is dark, lightly backcomb to avoid any harsh lines.

“I like to put my highlights in foil pockets for extra color pop, especially around the hairline. I then balayage the ends to marry the color together.” – Slim


If the hair is level 7 or higher, paint directly on the hair while still feathering through the top.

Use tension and a clean balayage brush when painting ends, Slim loves Framar brushes.

Slim says, “In order to save time, I like to utilize both Olaplex No. 1 +  water treatment and No.2 during my service whenever I can to treat the hair instead of waiting at the bowl after.”

Also, “pull all the hairline foils five to ten mins after you apply– they’ll lighten quickly since the hair is finer. Apply No. 2 to the hairline to prevent any hairline breakage.”


Highlight: Redken Flashlift + 30vol + Olaplex No. 1. Balayage ends in plastic. Rinse.

Apply Olaplex No.1 diluted with water. Paint hairline with balayage, process for ten minutes. Rinse.

Root: Lakme 8n + 1/4 8 gold.

Hairline: 9n

Clear gloss for 10 minutes with Olaplex No.1 for extra shine.

Olaplex No.2 on the ends for 15 minutes.

Slim is a colorist at the Ramirez Tran salon in Beverly Hills. You can follow her on Instagram @slim_color.

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