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Coffee Drinks Are The New Hair Inspo for Brunettes and Blondes
January 25, 2021

Coffee Drinks Are The New Hair Inspo for Brunettes and Blondes

All coffee drinkers know that before anything else happens during the day, it’s all about the age-old saying, “but first, coffee.” And hair. Coffee and hair. Okay, weird visual, but hear me out. When I walk through the city, I see coffee in people’s hands and on their heads. Could it be that from raven black hair and creamy brondes to icy platinums, there’s a coffee drink for all our favorite hair colors? 

Beyond the kick, there is hair inspiration behind this iconic drink. A creamy, rooty blonde balayage is a latte, and a cappuccino is a caramel brunette with highlights. You get the picture. But like a good cup of coffee, the drink is nothing without the integrity of the beans, just like hair color needs a healthy head of hair as a canvas. 

If it’s hair color inspiration you seek, look no further than this coffee-inspired guide of delicious brunette and blonde hair color. All colors in this guide are healthy and shiny because they used OLAPLEX from start to finish during all color processes. Using OLAPLEX is an integral part of the color service. It mitigates the damage done during the process and rebuilds bonds whenever it’s on the hair! Drink up.

Black Coffee

Think smoking raven black hair to rich, dark brunettes. 

Image: Patrice Daniel / @balay_hairtech


Chocolate browns and deep brunettes. 

Image: Jordan Cook / @hairbyjayylc


Brunettes with highlights, and all brondes in between. 

Image: Konstantinos Mantziokas / @konstantinos_hair


Rooty, creamy blonde. 

Image: Clayton Wheeler @claytonwheelerhair

Whipped Cream Frappe

Icy, platinum hair smooth as whipped cream!

Image: Nubia Bonilla /@lovehairbynubia

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