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Bondshell Styling Tutorial
November 21, 2020

Bondshell Styling Tutorial

When we think of Bondshells we think of major mane moments like the iconic, glamorous hairstyles of the 1990s and 1950s. Shine, volume, texture; these looks holler the holiday season and sprinkle a little gold dust on the way. Our model is none other than classic car and moto enthusiast Photographer Adri Law. Adri has fine, straight hair. Her hair is color-treated to nearly black and partially lightened to platinum. She uses OLAPLEX to keep the integrity of her hair strong and healthy.
Now, a style like this is unique and deserves a beauty ritual beforehand! To keep her hair as healthy as possible, Adri preps her hair with OLAPLEX No.3 before any heavy-on-the-heat styling session. An OLAPLEX treatment is a fabulous way to prepare your hair and practice routine bond-building maintenance, especially when it comes to special occasion thermal styling.
Here’s what you’ll need to complete this style:
  • Clips
  • 1/4” curling iron
  • OLAPLEX No.3 Hair Perfector
  • OLAPLEX No.6 Bond Smoother
  • OLAPLEX No.7 Bond Smoother
  • Hairspray if desired
Step 1: Adri prepped her damp hair with an OLAPLEX No.3 treatment for the healthiest hair possible before thermal styling. Shampoo condition, then blow dry or air dry. 
Step 2: Use OLAPLEX No.7 throughout the hair to streamline manageability and add heat protection up to 450 degrees f! 
Step 3: Section the two front sides from the back and then separate those front parts in about 2-inch sections.
Step 3: Begin by curling each subsection at a time. After curling each subsection, gather the curl and pin back down to the section. Continue until all subsections are curled and pinned. Allow the set to thoroughly cool. 
Step 4: Release the curls from the pins and brush out with a boar bristle brush. 
Step 5: Once the desired shape is formed from the brush out, apply No.7 for extra shine and a small amount No.6 to tame any flyaways.

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