Better Together
August 28, 2020

Better Together

With the launch of the new No.0, many of you have asked about the benefits of using No.0 and No.3 separately. Questions like, "does the No.3 still work without using the No.0?", "Can I use No.0 on its own for a quick treatment?" The simple answer is yes; you can use No.0 and No.3 separately. The sole creation of No.0 is to amplify the benefits of No.3. It is the home-grade version of the in-salon Stand Alone Treatment. Although these two treatments stand alone, they are better together.

Think of iconic duos, like Thelma and Louise, peanut butter and jelly, Batman & Robin; each of them is good on their own, but together they're that much better. We like to think of No.0 and No.3 as an instantly classic iconic duo. Sure, you can use them on their own, but will they fight and repair breakage better together? Absolutely. No.0 is a tool to maximize your No.3 Hair Perfector treatment. As a primer, it activates bond rebuilding with its home-grade concentrate of OLAPLEX's patented formula used in salons. If you're an OLAPLEX fan or curious, you know about the game-changing No.3. No.3 is a favorite around the globe with a following from salon clients and beauty gurus, to celebrities like Kim Kardashian.

With the following OLAPLEX has gained over the years, we've learned so much from our community. Hair professionals can attest to an on-going number of clients in their chair, all with their degree-level knowledge of OLAPLEX products. We support the informed client and are so grateful for the enthusiasm. For this reason, we aim to educate both the professional and client community on all things OLAPLEX.

So how exactly does No.0 maximize the benefits of using No.3? As we mentioned, No.0 is a primer and the home-grade version of the in-salon OLAPLEX Stand Alone treatment. It contains an intense amount of the OLAPLEX concentrate and is formulated for non-professionals to intensify their No.3 treatments. What you're doing by applying it to damp hair, is applying as close to the OLAPLEX concentrate as you can get on a non-professional level. Using this alone activates bond building on a supreme level. However, it is purely liquid and will dry out, leaving the product to deactivate. Layering the No.3 on top of No.3 allows it to stay moist and rebuild bonds longer. Just like a dish with salt, may work a bit better with pepper, these two products are better together.

You don't have to be a mac and cheese fan or know the ins and outs of Clueless's Cher and Dionne to know a dynamic duo when you see one. Who are some of your favorite iconic duos? Let us know on Instagram after giving yourself #BestHairDays with the at-home Stand Alone Treatment. No.0 and No.3 are available now on

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