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Are You Using Enough Product For Your Climate?
December 22, 2020

Are You Using Enough Product For Your Climate?

As seasons change, so do our routines. We tend to hydrate more during the summer and winter months and are quick to listen to the signs our skin gives us. What often gets the short end of the stick is our hair routine. For some reason, our routines remain the same, even though our hair and skin go through similar changes! This winter, change the game and listen to this PSA on how to treat your hair, how you treat your skin!

Now your skincare and hair routine may look different, but their needs are very similar. Just how the skin becomes dry, your hair does too. It begins to feel a bit rough and crunchy, which leads to breakage. I have naturally curly hair, and as soon as winter season hits, I notice a massive change in my already healthy hair. During the winter, my hair shows signs of dryness and feels wire-like and rough to the touch. Considering I have a solid OLAPLEX routine already, all I need is a shift!

Depending on the season and the climate where you live, this might mean amping up your shower and styling routine. I live in a dry environment, so my hair requires extra attention in the summer and winter. Typically, when I style my hair, I only use a little drop of OLAPLEX N°.6, but lately, my hair loves soaking in it. I use about two quarter-sized drops of N°.6, and I work it throughout my hair. This gives it the hydration and bond-building it needs throughout the day.

I'm a big fan of hydration touch-ups throughout the day with OLAPLEX N°.7. If my hair is drying out and needs a pick-me-up, I use 3-5 drops of N°.7 and work it throughout my hair. I was surprised to notice my styling routine changed as typically, I amp up my number of OLAPLEX treatments during harsh seasons. When I took the time to check in with my hair, I found that it told me everything it needed.

Your needs may be different depending on your hair type and the climate you live in. The great thing is that OLAPLEX works on all hair types; all you have to do is adjust as needed. If you've neglected your hair in previous harsh seasons, consider incorporating the Intensive OLAPLEX Treatment at home with N°.0 and N°.3 to get it back in shape, then adjust your styling routine as needed.

Remember, no matter the season, thermal styling at home is one of the leading causes of damage, fading, and dryness. If you must thermal style using a heat protectant is vital, such as the N°.7 to help lessen reoccurring damage to the hair. Also, much like your skin and plants, it's always best to feel your hair to assess what it needs rather than using a guide book. If it feels dry, moisturize it with OLAPLEX N°.5, N°.6, and N°.7. Begin the process by cleansing with N°.4 for a clean pallet, so there aren't any barriers for the moisture properties to work through. If it feels damaged, OLAPLEX treatments are the way to go with N°.0 and N°.3.

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