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4-IN-1 & Stand-Alone Treatment: What are the differences?
August 24, 2021

4-IN-1 & Stand-Alone Treatment: What are the differences?

To rebuild bonds, moisturize, or both? Both are always ideal, and with the OLAPLEX professional treatments, remedies to damage and dryness are here. The real question is, how intensely do you need to repair your hair and moisturize it? OLAPLEX Stand-Alone Treatment and OLAPLEX 4-IN-1 have revolutionized salon treatments forever. With OLAPLEX’s patented formula to rebuild the hair’s internal structure, and now, to moisturize it––we aim to break down our two professional treatments.

So, what’s the difference between The Stand-Alone Treatment and OLAPLEX 4-IN-1?

The Stand-Alone Treatment is the most intensive bond-building repair available, using the OLAPLEX concentrate, reserved only for salon professionals. You may have heard a lot about Nº.1 and Nº.2 with color, but when the two come together as a Stand-Alone treatment, they have no chemicals working against them. That means salon strength repair and healthier hair after each treatment. Though this is the most concentrated OLAPLEX you can get at the salon, it’s important to note that this treatment does not moisturize.

The bond-building category OLAPLEX created can be a bit confusing for clients with which treatment to get. Your hair needs both equally. Hair is consistently exposed to elements that both damage and dry it out. Luckily for you, we launched 4-IN-1 to address the former.

4-IN-1 rebuilds bonds in the hair and moisturizes them. This may sound like a Stand-Alone Treatment and moisture mask all in one, but it is not. The 4-IN-1 is a moisture mask, with OLAPLEX’s patented bond-building ingredient added. When tested on damaged hair, it provided:

74% more moisture, 84% more shine, 84% more smoothness, 94% saw more body. It works wonders on every hair type without weighing the hair down, as most moisture masks do. Though it rebuilds bonds, it is not as concentrated for bond building repair as the Stand-Alone Treatment.

For the healthiest, moisturized hair, use the two treatments back to back at the salon. Call it a treat yourself day!

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