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October 30, 2020

4 Easy Steps to GREAT Hair Photos

The world of hair is a very visual one for hairdressers and clients alike. Before the internet, magazines were the way to go for hair-spiration, after the internet everything was searchable, but now social media has changed the game entirely. For the first time, clients are able to pull up a hairdresser’s Instagram profile and request that exact work. But even more, this means hairstylists now have the power to both inspire and create several people through a photo.

We created this quick, simple guide with the four steps we think it takes to create a great hair photo. Whether you’re taking photos on your phone or have a professional digital camera– these basic tips will work for you!


Many don’t realize this, but the before photo is JUST as important as the after. You want to be sure the photos don’t raise any flags as to whether or not the person in the photos are the same or not. Take the before photo as if you’re taking your after.. Set them up in the same place and take the photo of the head the same way. Another thing to note, is what your client is wearing. If they’re wearing a robe in the before photo, take the after in a robe as well. Same goes if they’re wearing the clothes they came in with. Not only is this more transparent to the audience viewing your photo, but it also makes for a cleaner look, especially when you upload these to social media platforms like Instagram.

instagram post


Find the best lighting to photograph your client! Whether it’s outside the salon or inside, lighting can make or break a photo. Some indoor lights can make hair look warmer or ashier than it really is, so take a few to give yourself options for the best lighting. Your photo should be as clear and accurate as possible, so find a spot or two that suit your work the best. When photographing clients in the evening, consider investing in some indoor lighting such as a ring light to make your work pop after hours.


A great hair photo is focused on the hair and hair only. A clean blank, or textured background is ideal. Consider veering away from taking photos where products, styling tools, and other miscellaneous items are visible. This may distract or clutter the photo’s main focus– your gorgeous work!


This may seem obvious, but it’s sometimes the one thing that can stop a hair photo from being great. Make sure your photos are in focus. We all know a day in the salon can be hectic trying to get from client to client, but remember, with each client you have an opportunity to show your work. After an hour, or three or more of work, you don’t want to have a blurry photo to show for it. It’s worth a few minutes extra to get the most beautiful clear photo possible!

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