Work That Body
April 11, 2022

Work That Body


Work That Body | Andrea Rogers

Our guest today is Andrea Rogers. She's the founder of the International barre brand Xtend Barre, which she founded in 2009. It has a strong influence in dance and Pilates. Knowing the foundational principles of Pilates, the two disciplines make sense. But what is the added benefit for you? And is it appropriate for your goals? Let's find out. 

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Pilates is the foundation of all movement [2:48]

Feel the difference [4:38]

The power of mindful movement [5:23]

It’s never too late to start [6:47]

You only need 5 minutes a day [9:03]

Try snacking on movement  [10:01]

You won’t do it if you don’t enjoy it [12:30]

Do what feels good [15:05]

Good posture creates confidence [17:10]

Take off your makeup and stretch [21:52]


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