Two Decades as a Woman in Leadership in the Beauty Industry | JuE Wong
June 21, 2021

Two Decades as a Woman in Leadership in the Beauty Industry | JuE Wong

Two Decades as a Woman in Leadership in the Beauty Industry | JuE Wong

In today's episode, I'm speaking with Olaplex CEO, JuE Wong.

If you've listened to Beauty Uncovered before, you know that I usually meet with world-class experts to provide you with the best advice for personal beauty. Today's episode is slightly different, as I talk to Olaplex CEO, JuE Wong, about the beauty industry, trends, and much, much more. 

JuE has been a leader in the beauty industry for over two decades. She has served as CEO of companies such as Astral Brand, Strivectin, Elizabeth Arden, Moroccan Oil, in addition to senior roles at Paragon MD, Murad, and Dial. 

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Why JuE chose a career in the beauty industry [2:40]

What it has been like to be in this industry as a woman in leadership [5:01]

How JuE got her reputation as a turnaround leader [8:53]

The role that emotional intelligence plays in the workplace [13:36]

What it’s like to struggle with what society says you should look like [19:31]

The beauty routines JuE has had throughout her life [27:35]

The one Olaplex product JuE couldn’t live without [29:04]



  • JuE’s LinkedIn profile

    If I didn't try, the only regret I would have is that I never gave it a chance. The regret would never be about failing. You did it, didn't do it well, you move on to something else. 

    People like to say the hairdressing community is very emotional. It is emotional intelligence. You cannot connect with people if you are not emotionally aware and attune. 

    The hairdressing community attracts people who love people, and who understand that by making a difference in someone's hair, could be the difference of someone smiling versus crying. 

    A beauty brand is not to change your looks, it's to enhance what you have. 

    Everyone is beautiful in their own way, it takes effort to get to a place of confidence. As beauty leaders, our job is not to breed insecurity. Our job is to breed confidence. 

    Respect has to be earned. Nobody has to willingly give you respect. They can definitely follow your orders and do the bare minimum. But you want people to feel good to be around you. 

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