Trust Your Barber | Keon Washington
September 23, 2021

Trust Your Barber | Keon Washington


Trust Your Barber(Keon Washington)

Today, we have Keon Washington on the show. You may know him as Keon the Barber on social media. Over the past six years I have watched him grow into one of the hair industry’s leading experts on barbering. Barbers and hairstylists have two very different languages and some people may go to the barber not knowing what to ask for. In this conversation, we're going to decode the lingo and help make sure you get the look you want from your barber.

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Clients have to be confident in your skills [3:34]

What is a fade? [5:15]

A barber has to be a people person [7:49]

Different texture hair [10:20]

Sharp hairlines get return customers [12:45]

The bald face is the #1 cut in the world [15:16]

Bald fade vs skin fade [17:19]

Trust your barber [21:14]

Let’s talk about beards [24:16]

How to avoid ingrown hairs [27:00]

Keon’s album coming up [33:01]



If your client has texture in their hair and you don’t give them a sharp hairline, you will not have a return client.

A fade is anytime the hair transitions from lighter to darker, lower to higher, at some point.

If you are a barber, you have to be a people person.

Right now in the barbering world, the #1.5 guard and the #.5 guard are magic guards.

The bald fade is the #1 haircut in the world right now.

Precision is a requirement, not a choice, in the barbering world.

You can't tell the doctor what medicine is best for you. How can you tell your barber what's best for your head and face shape, your neckline, and what will look best?

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