Transformations: Guy Tang shares his transformation story
March 29, 2021

Transformations: Guy Tang shares his transformation story


Transformations: Guy Tang shares his transformation story

In this episode, Guy Tang and I talk about a wide range of topics, including how:

  • no matter what, you have to get back up
  • success comes from being authentic 
  • being uncomfortable means growth. 

For those of you who are not familiar with Guy Tang in the hair industry, he is a popular international educator and the creator of the Mydentity color brand. But you may have seen his hair transformations on his incredibly popular YouTube channel, or on Netflix hit show Bling Empire. Oh, and on top of that, he also happens to be a recording artist. 

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How Guy got his start on YouTube [3:00]

Guys’ recent launch of his third album [7:06]

Guy’s thoughts on 80s hair coming back [8:30]

Being on Bling Empire [12:34]

The current trends Guy is seeing [17:42]

The conversations you should be having with your hairdresser [20:24]

Being authentic [24:07]



  • Mydentity color
  • Guy Tang on Instagram
  • Guy Tang on Twitter
  • Guy Tang on YouTube
  • Netflix’s Bling Empire


    It's about perseverance, it's about endurance, it's about standing. When people are pushing you down, you got to stand back up. You have to believe in yourself and that's not easy.

    Many follow a path that's already been paved, instead of laying down their own bricks Stepping out the box is really following your own path, and doing something that hasn't been done. 

    When people think of rainbow color, for some reason, they stereotype it as you're rebellious or a punk or some type of misfit. And it’s just that, a stereotype.You just have to own it. 

    When you're trying so hard to be someone you're not or be someone else or be something that's already there, you'll never be able to be you because you're trying to follow a pattern.

    Sometimes we seek validation from someone we think we want to be, but that's not the validation we need. The validation we need is from ourselves. 

    When you're comfortable, are you really doing anything for yourself? Being uncomfortable is when you are improving yourself. Being uncomfortable means you're growing.


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