The Makeup Game Is About To Change
June 07, 2021

The Makeup Game Is About To Change


The Makeup Game Is About To Change  (Gilbert Solis)

Today we have Gilbert Solis, who is the global artist for Marc Jacobs. He became enamored with his mother’s and his aunt’s unique beauties. It wasn’t long before he got his own brushes at the local Rite-Aid – at age 16 – and since then, there was the path to and then the experiences as a licensed Esthetician, a Celebrity Makeup Artist, and an industry insider.

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Gilbert’s background [1:10]

How to choose the best primer for you [7:26]

How to find the right shade of foundation and how to apply it [12:03]

Gilbert's favorite brush [18:59]

Foundation or concealer first? [20:04]

All about contouring and highlighting [22:15] 



Prepping and priming are two of the most important aspects of makeup. If you're going to paint a wall, you're going to prime the wall to get the best outcome of what you're putting on top.

Contouring will never fade from fashion. We contour our eyes. We contour our lips when we apply lip liner. So, whether you realize it or not, you're contouring in one way or another.

When you work couture, you're working with the most talented people in the industry. Everyone that you touch is one of those "wow, I can't believe I'm touching your face" moments.

There's a lot of different variations and finishes when it comes to highlighters. What I use on one person will be different from the next. So finding the appropriate highlighter is key. 

When it comes to blush, we want to look like it's coming from within, like it's a natural flush. But give me a good 80s disco blush, and I'm all about it.

The tool that you use will determine the finish. So there's no right or wrong. Oftentimes I use a combination of tools, and I find that gives me the most natural finish.

Hydrating the skin is essentially a way of priming so that when you put foundation on, you're getting a better blend. You're making the application a bit more seamless.

I was self-taught. I started playing with makeup. It was a form of self-expression. So, when people started asking me to do their makeup, I knew that I had this sort of natural gift.

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