The In Vogue Influencer to Not Miss
September 28, 2022

The In Vogue Influencer to Not Miss

The In Vogue Influencer to Not Miss | Gunnar Deatherage

Art comes in many forms, and today we’re going to talk about two of them. You may know Gunnar Deatherage from Project Runway. He is talented as a designer, but he has also made his personality part of his art by becoming an influencer on TikTok. We talk about how he got to where he is, his aspirations, and how he stumbled into becoming a powerful influencer on social media.


Gunnar Deatherage is a self-taught designer that has been on two seasons of Project Runway and is currently a social media influencer and DIY designer. You can find him @gunnardeatherage on TikTok and Instagram.




Show Notes

  • From Small Town to Big Name [00:24]
  • Applying Art to Life and Self [9:03]
  • The Life of an Influencer [12:46]
  • Aspirations for the Future [16:40]
  • Gotta Have Guts [20:01]
  • No Taboo on TikTok [22:24]
  • It Takes a Village [27:40]
  • Goals in Fashion [31:11]

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