The Health Care You’re Avoiding
August 05, 2022

The Health Care You’re Avoiding

 The Health Care You’re Avoiding | Kelly Peterson PT, DPT

Do you know anything about your pelvic floor? You might know less than you think, and we have Kelly Peterson, a physical therapist that focuses on pelvic health, tell us all we need to know. Kelly helps both men and women with many different issues that come along with your pelvic wall. Kelly shares some insights into this as well as some scary stories about what happens when you don’t seek help.

Kelly Peterson is a physical therapist that focuses on the health of the pelvic floor and is well known as @the.belly.whisperer on social platforms.

In the interview, we discuss finding a specialist near you.This link brings you to a free PDF handout.


Show Notes

  •  Common Problems with Pelvic Floor [2:17]
  • What is the Pelvic Floor? [6:49]
  • Levels of Strength in the Pelvic Floor [11:23]
  • It’s Never Too Late to Seek Help [13:05]
  • The Belly Whisperer Method [14:16]
  • The Vagus Nerve [16:19]
  • Activating Those Belly Muscles [19:23]
  • Women Need to be Their Own Advocates [22:58]
  • Physical Therapy After Childbirth [27:07]
  • Childbirth is Physical Trauma [30:50]
  • Sexual Health and the Pelvic Floor [34:30]
  • Find the Information You Need [38:11]

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