Taking Beauty to a New Level
July 01, 2022

Taking Beauty to a New Level

Taking Beauty to a New Level | Liz Kennedy

Today we have a wonderful guest, Liz Kennedy. You’ve probably heard of her. She is a TV host and On-Air Beauty Expert. She’s been on shows like Steve Harvey, Dr. Phil, QVC and Access Hollywood. She’s also an entrepreneur and she’s recently launched the Beauty Magnet which we’re going to get all the information about because being that she is a trained esthetician, she made sure she was going to make a tool that would be perfect for all of us.

We also get into some real talk because as she’s also really big on social media, she is really walking the walk, and talking the talk. She wants to be real with her audience because the things that you go through are the same things that affect her. And all of that has to do with our beauty, both inside and out.


Show Notes

Organic Love for the Beauty Profession [1:13]

Finding the Brands for You [3:28]

Taking Time for Self-Care [8:59]

Inspiration for the Beauty Magnet [12:58]

A Roller for the Feminine Face [14:23]

Skincare Doesn’t Stop at the Face [16:47]

Dirty Tools Makes a Dirty Face [19:33]

The Derma Roller for Collagen Production [20:22]

Ideal Steps for Skincare Routine [21:46]

Your New Favorite Tweezers [22:49]

Answer to the Fight Against Blackheads [25:27]

Cold Tools Are Good, Germs Are Bad [27:45]

Clean Tools for a Clean Face [29:27]

Where to Get the Beauty Magnet [31:30]

Self-Care is Skincare [32:02]

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