Skincare Should Be Fun (Glow Recipe’s Christine Chang & Sarah Lee)
April 05, 2021

Skincare Should Be Fun (Glow Recipe’s Christine Chang & Sarah Lee)

Skincare Should Be Fun (Glow Recipe’s Christine Chang & Sarah Lee)

I'm really excited today because we have the co-founders of Glow Recipe, Christine Chang and Sara Lee. About a year ago, I went down the rabbit hole of Glow Recipe and couldn’t stop reading about this incredible company. One of the things that excited me about Glow Recipe is Christine and Sara found a way to make skincare fun and inspired, and showed that self-care is part of bonding with your friends. 

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The inspiration to start this brand [01:21]

The difference between Korean and mainstream beauty products [04:22]

How to identify what steps to take for your skin on a daily basis [10:12]

2021 trends [12:39]

What ingredients should people look for to proactively take care of their skin [20:08]

Natural ingredients were always part of Glow Recipe’s plan [35:08]

How Glow Recipe uses different ingredients and formulates them [37:57]





We encourage everyone to have a dialogue with their skin. The only way to give it what it needs is to understand what it's telling you

Just like listening to what your body's asking for when it's extra tired or extra energetic, skin has the same language. We encourage everyone to have a dialogue with their skin. 

For a very long time in the beauty industry, we were showing these images of perfection like it was a norm. We want to show all different skin types, tones, people, and concerns. 

A mainstay of the KBT routine is hydration. Hydrated skin means the barrier is more supported and more fortified. Leading to a healthy skin barrier, skin immunity, and skin health. 

Make sure you're not just reacting and focusing on repairing issues. Instead, proactively protect your skin so that no matter what happens, it's always at that healthy balanced state.

I don't think people have to feel alone in their skin concerns anymore. It's up to brands to make sure they're part of that journey, where we're normalizing the things that should be.

Be sure to check in daily on your skin, and customize your routines with hydration and regular exfoliation. At the end of the day, things break out when there's no balance on the skin. 

You can't just look at one ingredient and say, oh wow, that ingredient is not for me. There are a lot of nuances that go on behind the scenes that consumers are not aware of. 

K-Beauty has infiltrated into every single vanity, and makeup bag. It doesn't have to be a K-Beauty-specific brand, because KBT inspiration exists in so many different forms.

To bring it to this point, with the right education and content, The KBT trend essentially became a movement. Everyone could widely embrace it and incorporate it into their routines.

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