Self-Portraits: How We Can Explore Our Beauty
October 21, 2021

Self-Portraits: How We Can Explore Our Beauty

Self-Portraits: How We Can Explore Our Beauty | David Suh

Do you feel comfortable getting your photograph taken? I'm not talking about the selfies that we have complete control over our image. I'm talking about giving someone the autonomy to take your picture and feel good about it. Photographer David Suh has gained millions of followers on social media for sharing his secrets to great poses, gaining competence in front of the camera, and empowering women and men to embrace their beauty. Today, he's going to share some of his best practices to have strong powerful pictures.

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Coaching on posing helps us being less nervous [4:03]

Posing is like being a conduit for your model [8:04]

Portraits capture beauty like a mirror cannot [14:59]

Seeing the beauty in yourself [20:09]

Having fun produces your beautiful portraits [21:37]

The foundation is seeing yourself as beautiful [25:02]



I don't even need to tell my clients that they're beautiful. What's more powerful is me showing them they are beautiful and them being able to see it for themselves.

Self-portraits are a beautiful way to explore oneself, to see everything that we are, everything we could be, and everything we want to be.

We often only use a mirror to see what needs to be fixed. Portraits capture our moments of being badass, being in love, feeling sexy, the things we miss in our reflection.

You are beautiful. Inherently. No matter what. If you see a photo that you don't like of yourself, that's the photographer's fault, not you. Start with that foundation.

You having a fun time at your photoshoot, the byproduct of that is us creating some beautiful portraits of you.

We don't know what to do in front of the camera. We start filling our head with, Oh my gosh, do my hands look funny? What is my pinkie doing? Posing gives you clear direction.

Posing is like your body becoming a conduit and letting your emotions and moods fill you in. It's body language, communicating our whole life and being with our body.


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