Overcome Imposter Syndrome
January 14, 2022

Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Overcome Imposter Syndrome| Lisa Orbé-Austin, PhD


Have you ever been in a situation where you felt as though you were completely unequipped for what was ahead? The question is: is it self-doubt or imposter syndrome? Today, we have one of our most highly anticipated subjects. Lisa Orbé-Austin is a Licensed Psychologist and Executives Coach with a focus on career advancement, leadership, development, and job transitions. She is the Co-founder and Partner of Dynamic Transitions Psychological Counseling. She has a book out called Own Your Greatness: Overcome Impostor Syndrome, Beat Self-Doubt, and Succeed in Life, and also recently gave a TEDx Talk titled Imposter Syndrome Paradox.

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What is imposter syndrome? [2:45]

It’s not about credentials [3:41]

Imposter syndrome is more than self-doubt [4:31]

External validation [5:10]

Bad social comparisons [7:15]

Understanding how it started [13:13]

New opportunities require more skills [16:14]

Past experiences with poor management can be a trigger [18:04]

Lisa’s personal experience [27:05]

Conscious of the triggers [29:30]

A different experience [32:01]



As a result of not internalizing your success, you fear being exposed as a fraud.

Imposter syndrome exhibits traits like high perfectionism and underestimating oneself.

Past experiences make it hard for those with imposter syndrome to realize they're a star.

To deal with imposter syndrome, first you have to figure out where it started.

Overcoming imposter syndrome doesn't make you successful, it allows you to enjoy your successes.

My own experience feeling like a fraud kept me in toxic situations.

The cycles of imposter syndrome is something you must remain conscious of.

Professionally, I live to see others own who they are.

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