New Year, New Beginnings
January 05, 2022

New Year, New Beginnings


New Year, New Beginnings

Normally on the show, I interviewed top beauty, health, and wellness experts to learn down-to-earth tips for looking and feeling your best. However, today's episode is different. We have over 40 episodes published. I am so grateful to each of you who have listened to and supported our show. As we approach a brand new year, it would be a good time to step back and reflect on some of my favorite moments on this show this last year, all through the lens of a new year and a new you. I hope you walk away from today's episode, seeing yourself in a new way, valuing yourself in a new way, and overall excited about a fresh start to a new year.

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Barbie Blank: Everyone loves a comeback [1:13]

Aryn Quinn: Today’s a new day [3:03]

Annie Jackson: An unexpected entrepreneurial journey [4:12]

Tanaye White: I never said it out loud to anybody [4:29]

Gina Hatzis: Don’t be afraid to dance with fear [7:24]

Evelyn Lozada: God puts people in your life for a reason [8:34]

Jess Guilbeaux: You don’t need to conform to any box [10:43]

Jasmine Chiswell: How I started dressing vintage [11:52]

Samantha Peszek: The huge myth about confidence [13:09]

Nicole Gregory: Hearing a No is hard, but keep going [15:52]

Michelle Phillips: Stop comparing [16:38]

Shirley Raines: It’s gonna look like unfamiliar roads [17:41]

David Suh: Seeing the beauty in yourself [17:57]

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