Natural Is Not The Same As Clean (Annie Jackson)
July 14, 2021

Natural Is Not The Same As Clean (Annie Jackson)

Natural Is Not The Same As Clean(Annie Jackson)

This week we have Annie Jackson who is the Co-founder and COO of Credo Beauty. Credo Beauty has pioneered the accessibility of clean beauty products and really has set the bar for the beauty industry with their Credo Clean Standard.

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Annie’s background [0:23]

The industry standards that made Annie start Credo Beauty [6:58]

The difference in the health when using clean products [11:25]

Natural vs Clean products [15:49]

The change of clean products’ ingredients over the years [17:52]

The things that would make the biggest difference in skincare and makeup [22:09]

Why certain companies continue to produce products with ingredients that have known issues [25:14]

Annie’s next radical thought [27:37]





I think everyone assumes there's someone assessing products for safety. You can create a product tomorrow and put it on a shelf without having to do any basic safety testing. 

I dedicated my whole career to conventional beauty, talking about color payoff, product performance and launch dates. And never once did we ever say, you know, what is in this stuff? 

Beauty has been unchanged for over 100 years. So why does wanting to run an ethical company, source safe and sustainable ingredients, and being transparent create such a fuss? 

Lipstick, sun protection, and mascara are most commonly used by first-time clean customers, we call them the gateway to clean beauty.

Credo Beauty is a resource. Our goal is not to keep it all to ourselves. We're here to make positive changes in the beauty industry. That's really what it's about. 

We come here waving a white flag. We are here to bring more awareness to the clean beauty space and start having those conversations.

Clean beauty gets bashed for being more expensive. But these are smaller brands sourcing very high-quality ingredients,going to great expense, resource, and time to create these products. 

You've got big mass retailers committed to putting safer products on their shelves, and consumers who are hungry for information and knowledge. I don't see that changing anytime soon.

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