Narcissim, Trauma & Triggers! Oh my!
June 28, 2022

Narcissim, Trauma & Triggers! Oh my!


 Bea Arthur - Narcissism, Trauma & Triggers! Oh My!

We are kicking off Mental Health Month with a great conversation with Bea Arthur, a clinical therapist and founder of The Difference, the first on-demand therapy service for corporations and communities. Honestly, wonderful should be Bea’s middle name. We speak about how mental health is something that really should be normalized. Getting help, going to a therapist. We also talk about trends on social media because people are speaking very clearly about PTSD, trauma, and weaponized incompetence. Bea gives us some clarity to all these fun terms.

So let’s watch and listen as Bea makes the difference.



Show Notes

Bea’s Road to The Difference [2:26]

Lack of Access to Therapy [6:03]

Mental Health in a New Generation [9:59]

Weaponized Incompetence and Emotional Labor [13:13]

Growth of Mental Health Through the Generations [22:43]

Honoring All of Our Emotions [24:17]

Trauma: The Unseen Injury [27:13]

The Beautiful Inevitability of Life [34:09]

The Difference Finds the Right Therapist for YOU [38:49]

Preventative Care for Mental Health [40:45]

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