Maintain Your Hair For Life
October 21, 2021

Maintain Your Hair For Life

Maintain Your Hair For Life | William Gaunitz

Hair loss can be traumatic, even more so when you don't understand why it's happening. Today we speak to trichologist William Gaunitz. He has trained in London at the International Association of Trichology and is a certified trichologist with the World Trichology Society in New York City. He has studied Diagnostics in France and Hair Loss Treatment in Australia. He's here to share his experiences and insights on the multiple causes of hair loss and the solutions that he found works with his clients.

This podcast is to bring information and different perspectives on a variety of topics. But you should always consult with a professional or doctor that can speak to your needs.

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What is a trichologist? [2:03]

Types of hair loss [5:00]

What should people in their 20s do about their hair loss [8:26]

Where does genetic hair loss manifest? [14:57]

Birth control’s effects on hair loss [17:53]

Don’t be ashamed of the wig [21:15]

Scalp micropigmentation [25:55]

Fact: your hair loss is not your mother’s fault [37:25]

Three year window for genetic hair loss [38:17]

Stress related hair loss [41:46]





You are more than your hair. You are a person. Whether you have your hair or not, people are still going to love you regardless.

A trichologist is a scientist of the hair and scalp.

Just like there is permanent makeup, there is also tattooing for the scalp. 

You'll never notice that scalp micropigmentation is a tattoo because it looks so good.

If it’s true that genetics purely comes from your mother’s side, then my hair loss would have never happened to me.

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