Lipstick Is Our Armour
May 03, 2021

Lipstick Is Our Armour

Lipstick Is Our Armour  (Valdé Beauty’s Margarita Arriagata)

Today we have Margarita Arriagiata. She's the founder of Valdé Beauty. And this is a divine lipstick brand launched in 2020. Her mother was the inspiration behind the creation of this brand.

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Margarita’s mother, the inspiration for Valdé Beauty [00:56]

Valdé Beauty and female empowerment [12:24]

Choosing the right lipstick [22:56]




My mother was the inspiration behind the creation of my brand because she for as long as I can remember since I was little, always wore lipstick. Lipstick was armor to her.

What my brand wants to do is to encourage women to immerse into their true essence, and feeling comfortable about who they are, which is not an overnight thing. It really is a journey. 

Individually as women we are light as a feather. But together we are a force. My mission is really to encourage women to really own their true selves and soar.

Lipstick, it's really how it makes you feel. I would never advise you against a color. If you wanted to say, I want to wear green. I'm like, you go, girl. Let's do it. Let's try green.

The truth is, sometimes inside of us we're sitting there thinking, I feel like wearing a red. Because I might be wearing nude all the time, but I actually want to be wearing a red. 

There's a bigger picture with no end goal because we're all going to move on at some point in time. If we're not enjoying the today, the learning of today, then we've missed the point. 

I created this brand because I'm impassioned, my passion is significantly bigger than my fear. And I feel empowered. The reality is, no one empowers you, you can only empower yourself.

I am passionate about exercising this artistic point of view, my love for women and the beauty industry, and not allow fear to get in the way, independent of what the result might be. 

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